S U P P O R T   U S

Become a Producer tOday

We invite you to become either an Associate Producer or an Executive Producer of a specific show of your choosing for a contribution of $100 or more. 


As an Associate Producer, your donation of $100-$249 entitles you to have your name in the program of whichever show you decide to support. You will also receive exciting gifts, like signed posters and programs, as well as special updates during the rehearsal process.


As an Executive Producer, your contribution of $250 or more ensures that your name is listed not only in the program of the show that you have chosen to support, but also featured on that show’s poster. In addition to the previously listed perks, you will also receive production design sneak peeks, and exclusive behind-the-scenes photos, as well as a special surprise gift!


If you are interested in contributing $100 or more to be an Associate or Executive Producer in A Dead Whale Productions’ inaugural season, please email us at info@adeadwhaleproductions.com, and we'll gladly give you all the information you'll need to take the plunge and donate today.


a Dead Whale Thanks You for Your Continued Interest