Join three young and rebellious thespians as they eagerly break into Nox Arca Theatre to reclaim their voices and share their stories... even if they aren't sure where or how to start... 


Where We Go Together or The Flashlight Play is an immersive theatre experience that explores the joyful liberation of sharing one's stories and the incredible darkness some must face in order to tell them.


Christina Jones

Ryan Jendrycki

Marc Prince

Kevin Michael Wesson
Daniella Wheelock

Dane Eissler

Sara Mitchell

Dane Eissler & Sara Mitchell

Daniella Wheelock

Devin Sanclemente





Stage Manager

Production Manager

Production Designers

Sound Designer

Production Assistant



Director's Note

We live in a world in which making art can feel selfish.

American culture is oversaturated with media, from 24/7 news coverage of the political arena, to binge-watching the newest season of Netflix’s latest hit. There are so many widespread, immediate-access forms of entertainment available to people throughout the United States, and all of these things can feel — and are —wildly more influential on a wide scale than the small scale of theatre.

Out of a desperation born from passion for their art, and a deep need to tell stories, three theatre makers are driven to breaking into a space that is not their own. They are the changing face of theatre, making art on a small scale whose experience cannot be replicated on the large.

Thank you for joining us on this journey on which only we can go together.

-Daniella Wheelock, Director

About the Artists

Christina Renee Jones ("Val") is absolutely delighted to be working with A Dead Whale Productions. She has worked with many Chicago theatres, including City Lit, Midsommer Flight, Promethean, Open Door Rep, and numerous others. She is a member of Hobo Junction and an ensemble member with Birch House Immersive Theatre. She can be seen in their production of Cursed: An American Tragedy this fall. She would like to thank the cast, crew, and her Texas and Chicago "framily" for all their support.

Ryan Jendrycki ("Devin") was raised by clowns…literally.  Having two parents as professional clowns, Ryan caught the acting bug early.  His recent credits include Sweet Sixteen Extravaganza!!! (Blue Goose Theatre Ensemble), Netflix and Kill (Pride Films and Plays), In the Asylum with Edgar Allan Poe (Colorbox Theatre), A Mess of Durang (Colorbox Theatre), EL Stories 21: People Watching (Waltzing Mechanics) and Pirates! (Lil Buds Theatre). Ryan is a proud graduate of Columbia College Chicago. 

Marc Prince ("Sam") is thrilled to make his A Dead Whale debut! Recent credits
include Yank!: A WWII Love Story (Pride Films & Plays), Once on this Island
(Uptown Underground), Zombie Bathhouse: A Rock Musical (Campsong
Productions), #HASHTAG: Who’s Next? (COLLABORACTION), & Ragtime
(Pensacola Little Theater). Most recently, he was featured in the Saint Sebastian
Players’ Waiting for Waldo as part of their annual new playwright’s festival.
Studies include Black Box Acting (Chicago), Alliance Theater Group (Atlanta, GA) & Cuyahoga Community College (Cleveland, OH). “I have tremendous gratitude for the constant support of all my loved ones.”

Kevin Michael Wesson (Playwright) is a playwright and puppeteer based in Chicago. Original from Tampa, FL, he received a B.A. in Theatre Arts from the University of South Florida and a minor in Creative Writing. His plays have been read and performed in Atlanta, GA; Chicago, IL; Charleston, NC; Columbus, OH; New York City, NY; Pittsburgh, PA; Tampa/St. Petersburg, FL; and Dubai, UAE. Currently, he is an artistic associate of the Chicago-based puppet theatre company, Rough House Theater.

Daniella Wheelock (Director/Sound Designer) is a Chicago transplant originally from San Diego, California. She holds a degree in Directing from the Conservatory for Theatre Arts at Webster University, and recently completed the Directing Emerging Professional Residency at Milwaukee Repertory Theatre. Recent assistant directing credits include: You Got Older (Steppenwolf Theatre Company); Fifty Shades of Shakespeare ((re)discover theatre); Mr. Burns, a post-electric play (Luminous Theatre Company). Recent directing credits include: The Fault of Falling (San Diego Fringe); Life, Goat, and Sonder: A Devised Piece (Milwaukee Repertory Theatre); & Mr. Burns, a post-electric play (Conservatory for Theatre Arts at Webster University).

Dane Eissler (Stage Manager/Designer) is a multidisciplinary image-driven artist whose work playfully explores the bizarre and endearing foibles of human nature. Dane has worked in Philadelphia with Azuka Theatre, BRAT Productions, and EgoPo Classic Theatre, where he co-directed Tennessee Williams' Stairs to the Roof, adapted/directed Nikolai Gogol's THE NOSE, and associate directed and performed in Tony-winning playwright John Guare's The Lydie Breeze Trilogy. In Chicago, he has worked with Theatre-Hikes, Lumas Theatre, The Whiskey Rebellion Theatre, and Rough House's Nasty Brutish & Short Puppet Cabaret. He serves as Artistic Director for A Dead Whale, and will be directing BOUFF'HONESTLY THOUGH: A live bouffon talk-show starring Slather & Gibbs later this season.

Sara Mitchell (Designer) 

Devin Sanclemente (Production Assistant/Cameo "Cop") is excited to join Where We Go Together! Devin just closed Mr. Moral's Stories for Surviving Dark Times Without Losing It, a dark comedy at Collaboraction Theater. Devin improvises on Sundays with house team DIVINE at Comedysportz Chicago, and is preparing for the Chicago production of his one-man show, Show Your Flames, a full dance & narrative set to a continuous 1-Hour soundtrack, here at Nox Arca. Read more at:

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